Science of Social Change

Research shows that change takes place in group discussions. It also shows that if enough of us adopt a change or engage in an activity, it catches on. We have collective strength when we work together, adopting and advocating for the changes we need to see!

In the KTCCs, we like to share this message of hope, including a few stories and facts about the power of collective action to make positive change. See pages 10-11 of the presenter slides in the KTCC Toolkit below. They are supported by pgs. 15-18 in the facilitator guide.

Examples of the Social Science Toolkit and a Presentation below!

Social Change – From August 2020 Facilitator Teach-in
Science of Social Change Presentation – From January 25th 2021 Conversation

Collective Action Examples, Research and Ideas

Erica Chenoweth
Photo Credit: Raychel Casey
Research from

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Take a look at our Positive Climate News and Inspirational Stories and let us know if you have one to add!

The video above, shows Research from Annenberg School for Communications, University of Pennsylvania on social tipping points

Coming Together to Speak out for a livable future for all.
Espen Stoknes on Youtube

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