Science and Impacts

This is the part of the KTCC where we acknowledge the truth about the climate emergency and the urgency for climate justice. Depending on your group, you may want to choose to show a slide or two, a short movie clip or focus on local examples of impacts. It is often quite important to move on quickly, to the hope inherent in collective action, to the thought of the positive future a Just, Green Recovery could open up, to positive stories of change or to ways to cope and support one another.

That said, in order to adequately process our responses to the emergency, assess the change needed and take and urge action on the scale necessary, it is imperative that the truth is not brushed away or blurred by a desire to soften it or distorted by an inability to look squarely at what we face. It is essential that we tell the truth.

We have a series of potential slides in our toolkit, 2020 version…. Here are a few pages from the Presenter Slides and you will find talking points and background research links on Pgs. 7-14 of the Facilitator Guide.

Climate Justice and Impacts – August Facilitator Teach-in
Impacts 2 – August Facilitator Teach-in

Other Entrances into the Science and Impacts

Science, Impacts, Areas for Change Go to the video Playlist for more!

Global Climate Impacts: Brazil at 12:18 into the video

Global Climate Impacts: Australia at 15:31 into the video

A Local Example – Toronto/Ontario

Different Approaches

Some advocate for telling the truth straight up – the house is on fire and now we must all pitch in to put the fire out. Some warn that leading with information that might provoke fear could cause people to shut-down. Here are two resources that approach truth-telling and the resultant emotion and motivation in somewhat different ways.

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