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The KTCC Toolkit

The Kitchen Table Climate Conversation online toolkit includes a guide for facilitators, a suggested agenda and a deck of presenter slides. The current slides were updated in the summer of 2020. They are fully editable and contain links to many current resources.

Facilitator Teach-in

Sections of the KTCC

Explore resources for the different sections of the toolkit separately below and choose the best approach for you and your conversation.

Ideas and icebreakers for opening up the conversation.

From global to local, slides, videos and ideas for acknowledging the crises we face and presenting some of the science and impacts.

Inspiration for making change. We can make a difference! Stories of collective action and working together.

Ideas for making space to share and express feelings and ways of coping with them.

Resources for introducing potential areas for action and exploring where change is needed.

A kit to help with brainstorming and presenting actions and solutions and envisioning a better world.

Ideas for next steps, moving into action and supporting one another.

Crafting your Conversation

For help tailoring your conversation, planning it and deciding how best to reach out, see the Conversation Mapping Guides.

If you need help running an online conversation see the Technical Guides.

KTCC Training and Events

The youtube KTCC playlist has online teach-ins and webcast recordings. Here are direct links to some of them:

For more about How to Hold a KTCC, see the two videos below. Note: they were recorded before pandemic times and aimed at in person KTCCs.

Climate Action Network: Kitchen Table Climate Conversations – 2019, July 29 With Lyn Adamson, Franz Hartmann, Colleen Lynch and Debbie Green (Climate Fast) View recording.

Climate Reality Hub: How to Host a Kitchen Table Climate Conversation – 2019, August 20 With Nadia Jethoo, Lyn Adamson, Ray Nakano and Franz Hartman View Recording.

See our Upcoming Training and Events Calendar below.

Climate Fast has prepared the KTCC Facilitator Guide and Presenter Slides as a resource to support and encourage climate activists to engage with others and build the growing climate justice movement to prompt action on the climate emergency. The Guide and the Slides contain materials created by Climate Fast as well as materials created by third parties. Climate Fast encourages you to use these resources for the purposes for which they were created and request that they be properly cited and credited, or get additional permission from third parties, if needed. You are welcome to adapt materials created by Climate Fast to better serve their stated purpose. Neither Climate Fast nor the KTCC team is responsible for the way any resources are adapted or used.