A Model Conversation

On March 15th, we held our second KTCC webcast in the current training series. This one was a demonstration of the whole conversation, from start to finish! With such a large group, we included three breakouts as well as some parts that were presented to the whole assembly. If you missed it, there will be a set of videos available soon.


Natsuki Kyokane of Africa Climate Action Initiative and Community Climate Action North Etobicoke and Lyn Adamson of ClimateFast led the discussion on the urgent need for action. See a sample of their presentations below.

Natsuki’s slides, Climate Action and Global Impact, made it clear that we need to act and that we can make a difference!

Lyn’s slides showed that Canada is not reducing emissions and not keeping up with the rest of the world!

Anne Keary presented on the importance of collective action and the power of working together! See her slide deck here and a sample below.

Chat Brainstorm

We also held a group exercise and did a lightning brainstorm together in the chat. See some of the ideas shared below….

  • Focus Area 1: Keeping carbon in the ground; Green Energy; Just, Low-Carbon Economy of Care
  • Focus Area 2: Waste and an Equitable, Healthy, Circular Economy
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