Ready to Hold a Conversation? Get Support

Whether you’d like to host, facilitate or both, help is available. The KTCC team can offer technical support, trained facilitators and more! To request specific support, please fill out the Support Request form.


Getting people around your virtual table is key. We suggest that you reach out to the people you know – friends, neighbours, co-workers. Or connect with neighbourhood groups you could work with. Or invite local leaders that can help implement change. If enough people talk about the climate crisis and work together for climate justice, we can help ensure a livable future for all. As host you would….

  • invite people to your conversation
    • meet or talk with potential attendees before hand if needed
  • introduce your co-facilitator, if you have someone helping you
  • follow-up with attendees afterwards
    • thank them, provide additional materials, encourage next steps

Resources for Hosts

The two surveys below are examples of google forms. They are free and easy to make. You could also simply email similar questions to your prospective attendees.

You’re welcome to download, adapt and use the two letter templates.

We suggest that your invitations be personal, individualized, authentically from you! That said, here is a KTCC Invitation Letter Template to get started with.

Pre-Conversation Survey

You could tailor this sample KTCC Follow-up Letter for your group. Include ideas shared, next steps, additional information and/or a potential follow-up survey.

Follow-up Survey


The KTCC’s work best when they are semi-structured and have a conversational leader. They also work best if they are an interactive discussion. That way, the whole group can benefit from each person’s thoughts, discover each others’ motivations and get inspired to work together. As facilitator you would….

  • design the conversation
  • lead the conversation
    • manage the technology of a digital platform
    • keep the conversational flow going, mind the time

Resources for Facilitators

Supporting One Another

  • Report back about your conversation by filling out the Report Back form.
  • Feel free to email us at
  • You can send a KTCC photo for our picture gallery to that email too!