Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC’s) is a grassroots initiative spearheaded by ClimateFast and led by those willing to host or facilitate a conversation!

Our Mission: To empower people to hold conversations about climate justice that increase understanding of the climate emergency, honour emotions, spark effective actions and solutions, emphasize the power of collective efforts, and underline the need for political advocacy.

Our Team: The KTCC initiative is a ClimateFast initiative. ClimateFast is a Toronto based, grassroots organization that advocates for climate action fast! See more about ClimateFast at climatefast.ca.

KTCC team members are made up of dedicated volunteers. As volunteers, we bring a range of skills and backgrounds to the table. Some of us are retired, some still working full-time, or not in the traditional workforce at all. We have teachers, civil service workers, and poets! We welcome and need more help if you wish to join us.

Our History: We have held two Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC) in person training days, the first one on June 22nd, 2019  in Toronto and the second one on February 15th, 2020. Over a hundred participants from across Southern Ontario learned facilitation and communications skills for discussing the climate emergency, as well as tips for handling eco-anxiety.  These skills, coupled with key science visuals and information on health risks associated with the climate crisis, readied us to hold conversations and face the climate challenge head on. Since then, we’ve been working to move the conversations into a virtual format.

Our Resources: We offer a KTCC toolkit that includes a suggested, timed agenda. ClimateFast Action Youtube channel contains links to past training webinars and workshops. For the technical aspects of virtual KTCC’s, we can offer assistance. Support for facilitators is also available. Reach out to ktcc@climatefast.ca or through our contact form.

The climate emergency requires urgent action. If we talk about it, we increase that understanding. If we come together, we can work toward a green, healthy and equitable future. It will take the wider community – not just a small group of engaged citizens – to get there.  Let us know if you would like to be involved.