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KTCC on January 25th

On Monday January 25th, ClimateFast held our first KTCC of 2021 in partnership with the Africa Climate Action Initiative and the Community Climate Action North Etobicoke (CCANE) project. We encourage you to take a look at CCANE’s upcoming community projects and events.

During the KTCC, we discussed global climate impacts, with a spotlight on Brazil and Australia. We also learned about both global and local initiatives, including Mikoko Kwanza, a project to plant Mangrove trees in Zanzibar. Also see

During our sharing breakouts, many insightful, moving and helpful comments were made, about what brought people to the conversation, how they feel about the climate emergency as well as suggestions for how to cope. Many people mentioned moving into action and developing community, like we experienced in the KTCC, as major sources of support.

To see the groups’ brainstormed action ideas around waste reduction and a healthy, circular economy, check out our Lightning Brainstorm Ideas.

All in all, it was an engaging conversation and we look forward to more!

Other potential actions discussed and shared during our conversation:

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