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Starting March 1st, we are holding a series of 4 training webcasts. Take a look and join us for this exploration of talking about climate justice and taking action together! We’d like to reach and engage lots of people, so please share with your networks and those in your community.

Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC) Training Series

March 1st – Part 1 – Bringing People Together: Eventbrite and Facebook

The first webcast in the series encompasses how to talk about the climate and facilitate climate conversations, including how to engage emotions. We’ll explore the importance of these conversations right now, the urgent need for climate justice and a just and green recovery. Stay tuned for more details!

  • Conversational Context: A discussion about Climate Justice, Health and the Climate and of a Just, Green Recovery.
  • Conversation Facilitation: How to facilitate conversations, including making space for emotions.

March 15 – Part 2 – A Model Conversation: Eventbrite and Facebook

In a circle of conversational openness, we can acknowledge the impacts and challenges we face and the vital need for climate justice. We can spend some time expressing ourselves, fostering connection, empowering and inspiring each other. We can envision a better future and explore solutions and actions together. For the second webcast in the series, participate in a climate conversation, an interactive discussion, from start to finish!

March 29 – Part 3 – Technical Nuts & Bolts: Eventbrite and Facebook

The KTCC is about making the space to learn, share emotions and discuss potential actions. Facilitators can try breakouts, lead a brainstorm or explore a specific change with the group. In the third webcast of the series, we focus on how to take the conversation online, sharing tips for making the conversation interactive.

  • How to set up and run a zoom Conversation ( includes screen sharing, polls, managing chat and breakouts).
  • Stories and Tips.
  • Q & A

April 12 – Part 4 – Collective Courage: Eventbrite and Facebook

After a KTCC, attendees are ready to collaborate! Together, we can summon our collective energy to move into uncertainty, to embrace and encourage change and be there to support each other through it. In so many ways we need courage and in so many ways we are showing that we have it!

The fourth and final webcast in the series explores how to tailor a conversation and focuses a little more deeply on the last part of the KTCC agenda, ways of working together, actions and solutions and supporting one another.

  • How to approach and build engaging conversations for different circles.
  • Taking action and working together: Hear stories and tips about actions, working collaboratively and methods of engagement, including civic engagement.

Thanks to the Community Climate Action North Etobicoke (CCANE) project, you may be eligible to have a tree planted on your property for participating in one of the sessions. Learn more and indicate your interest here: Trees

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